Dark Leg Dark Punk are a French band, formed in France in 2016 and named after their lead singer, Dark Leg Adu. Their music features elements of soul, quiet storm, smooth jazz and sophisti-pop. Dark Leg Dark Punk are a French Band formed by the leader Rfjtv in Val de Marne France in 2016. Their music features elements of Hip Hop Rap and electronica.... 2018... Parisa Music Mixify also known as Rfjtv her band's name is a DJ & Rapper for Dark Leg and Dark Leg Dark Punk . The band's lead singer,Rfjtv , has become quite prominent in charity movements and work as mailing and computer in ESAT CAT with handicaped people. She's trying to have the nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The band formed in Val de Marne, France, in 2016. Dark Leg Dark Punk continues their work for charity and social action.

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